FYFL Age Verification

All athletes who played in the FYFL in 2022:

  • Returning athletes will only need to LOG IN to their account from the 2022 season, and refresh their payment and answer a brief questionnaire.

All athletes who are NEW to the FYFL for the 2023 season:

ONLY State ID's will be accepted - Do not use a birth certificate or any other document type

Sports Thread is providing age verification services for all FYFL Football and Cheer athletes this year.

  1. Review the FYFL rules for age verification:
    • Age verification using State ID is mandatory for all athletes participating in Football and Cheer.
    • ONLY State ID's will be accepted by FYFL, so be sure to have yours ready when you begin.
    • Make sure to submit YOUR ATHLETE'S State ID not your (parent's) driver's license.
    • There is a $10 fee for verifying your athlete's state ID to participate in FYFL.
  2. Review the graphic below of how to complete your age verification using your athlete's State ID.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "next" to begin registering your Football or Cheer athlete for age verification using their State ID.

Note: birth certificates may be used for athletes who are under 6 years old ONLY -  all other athletes may ONLY use state ID's.

Please review the steps in the graphic below before continuing for if you are a "New User" who is new to the league or a "Returning User" who played FYFL in 2022.

Indy Reg Workflow