Game Check In

This year the FYFL will be using a new check in system developed by Sports Thread.

Please review the information below for instructions on how to log in as a coach or FYFL administrator, find your team and complete game day check in. 

Step 1. Click the button below to be redirected to the log in page for check in. Each program will have a

Step 2. Once logged in, select "check in tool" from the menu bar on the top right

Step 3. On the next page, select your team from the drop-down menu under "event"

Step 4. At your game, trade your phone with the opposing team's coach and have them enter their log-in email in the box that says "Email (Check-in Person)". Note, this must be the email address registered for that team to do its check in.

Step 5. Select your team name from the "Team Search" box

Step 6. Select how you want to display athletes by clicking into the "Sort by" box, your options are Jersey Number, Alphabetical by First Name, Alphabetical by Last Name.

Step 7. Click "Search"

Step 8. The team's roster will display next below with buttons below each athlete's headshot to mark an athletes attendance. Mark athletes who are at the game with the "Check In" button or if the athlete is not present, click the "No Show button. Please note, all check in data is date and time stamped with the user account that checked in the team.

Steps To download your roster .pdf are located under the Check In Tool button as well as a "how-to" video

Please note, once you are logged into the check in portal, you must add the OPPOSING TEAM'S COACH'S EMAIL TO THE INPUT BOX LABELED "EMAIL (CHECK-IN PERSON)" in order to see and check in athletes

To download your roster .pdf, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Login to the link above using the credentials sent from your admin.

Step 2. Click "Coach Dashboard" on the upper left hand corner

Step 3. Under the "Teams" box click to "Download Roster"

Step 4. A PDF of your roster will open, download and print

How to use the Sports Thread Check In Tool